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Join me as I try out new products, hairstyles, and makeup looks. I'm not a licensed makeup artist or cosmetologist, what I do may or may not work for you. Feel free to ask questions and check out my YouTube channel!

Anonymous asked: Whats your holy grail eyeliner?


It’s definitely between Jesse’s Girl Liquid liner and Maybelline Line Stiletto. Jesse’s Girl is so black and I absolutely love the brush! It come in a silver pen, incase you want to check it out. Maybelline was my first liquid liner and it made the process so easy. Those two are hands down my favorite, until I find something else.

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A little product can go a long way when it comes to brows. I like to use gel liners because they stay in place all day and keep the hairs from moving.

If you want to see how I fill in brows I’ll leave a link to the tutorial below. (This is my mom by the way.)

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Mascara Monday: Wand Style

Just like any other makeup product, what you use and how you use it will determine the look you get, mascara isn’t any different. There are many different styles of mascara wands that promise you many different things and can make or break your experience with that mascara.

Urban Decay chose a slightly tapered traditional brush for their Perversion mascara. The larger bristles give you more volume and allow you to slightly focus on the lashes in the inner corner better. Depending on the formula of the mascara and the design of the tube, this wand can accumulate too much product around the tip, as you can see in the picture.

Maybelline Great Lash is even more tapered and the bristles are made of plastic rather than fibers. The width of the bristles gives your lashes volume and separation. The bristles are closer together so that they can comb and coat each lash with product. The smaller bristles are perfect for the inner corner and bottom lashes. The spaces between each bristles lets those shorter lashes come together for a wispy effect.

Maybelline Mega Plush has a cylindrical shape. It is slightly tapered in at the top and bottom of the wand. This gives your lashes a more even all around look; it’s also a more friendly and forgiving wand to use. You can use this wand from any angle and get the same effect.

The L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly also has a cylindrical shape but very short, separated bristles. The shortness makes it easy to use on any part of your lashes but also difficult to add length. The tiny bristles allow you to get extremely close to your lash line without irritating it or brushing mascara in your tight line.

This is a few kinds of wands that grace the market right now. I just wanted to share a couple things with you about mascara wands so you know a little more when you’re purchasing some. I hope this was helpful and stay tuned for next weeks Mascara Monday!

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Where have I been!?

School is back in session so you know what that mean, less free time. I’ve missed you guys and we have to get back to our usual makeup chats and tutorials! I have a neutral look coming up and I’m going to breaking down the mystery of highlighting in a different video. That video maybe a little lengthy but I promise it will be very informative. I just wanted to update you guys on what’s to come!

Don’t forget to check out Mascars Monday tomorrow!

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erikablair8 asked: Hi! I'm trying to dye my hair black violet. What hair dye should I use ?


Hi! L’Oreal and Vidal Sassoon have black violet hair dyes but from some reviews they are hit or miss. You might want to try a really dark purple or a plum purple. Pravana Chromasilk Vivids in Violet can get pretty dark depending on how much you lift your hair. You’ll have to order that or you can try African Violet by Adore. Manic Panic more than likely has a color similar but it fades too fast for my liking. I hope that was helpful for you!

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thatgirlisreallyadragon asked: Love me as much as I love you and your makeup


Love yourself more!!

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satanspenislove asked: so I saw your teal colored hair in a picture that you posted and hoenstly it is so gorgeous, and it totally looks like the Monster High Doll Honey Swamp, who is adorable and also has pretty, natural, and teal hair!


Lol! This exactly how my hair looked! Thank you!!

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modernheroine asked: What is your youtube channel? Sorry in advance if youve answered this already, i'm a new follower lol.


Your fine lol it’s the same as my user on here AmazinglyAonna

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Mascara Monday

I’ve decided to dedicate Monday to mascara simply because it is one thing that every makeup wearer puts on, from novice to pro. This Mascara Monday is going to be pretty basic with some tips and tricks.

To start things off you want to pick a mascara that is going to give you what you’re lacking; that may be volume, length, separation, or hold after you curl your lashes. It may take purchasing a couple tubes to find out what gives you the perfect lash. Don’t be afraid to pair up different ones with. If you’ve found a mascara that gives you great volume and separation, pair it with a lengthening one to make them pop even more.

After you pick your mascara, next comes color. Mascara is offered in brown, black, and blackest black. If your a natural blonde or red head it’s best to go with a brown mascara. Black maybe too harsh for your eyes and will make you feel like you don’t have any lashes once you take it off. I love to use blackest black for two reasons; one, black just doesn’t seem black enough and my lashes are already black. (Helpful hint: false lashes also come in brown but are harder to find.)

The most important thing to remember when your flipping through magazines, like Teen Vogue and MarieClaire, is that 99% of the time those models have in false lashes. I used to look those ads and race to the store to only find out that my lashes look nothing like the models.

I hope you enjoyed this short introduction to Mascara Monday! Next week we’ll take about mascara wands and how the create different looks!

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Can your polish last through a 3 hour ceramics class?

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Sugar Fix

Can your polish last through a 3 hour ceramics class?

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Sugar Fix

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Mommy makeover no.2!

Continuing the makeover series, I gave this mommy a golden smokey purple with a pop of color. Make sure you like, comment, and share the video with everyone! This is a talk through tutorial so you’ll know everything I did.

Thanks for watching!

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violent-lights asked: Im having trouble finding a nude lipstick for my darker skin tone. Any recommendations?


Try out a nude that is a bit more on the brown side or has a darker undertone. I’m not sure if you can still find Maybelline The Buffs collection in stores, that line was specifically for nudes in a variety of shades. Look into NYX Matte lipsticks in Maison and Sable. Those lipsticks are $6 and you can find them at Ulta. If your looking for more high end you can try MAC Freckletone and Fetish. Those may not be totally perfect for you but try looking at colors similar to those and go from there.

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Nude obsession

A nude lip is the perfect way to start off the school year. It doesn’t command too much attention or go unnoticed. Kate Moss lipstick by Rimmel London, in the shade 14, is a soft pinky nude that adds a bit of shine for a long lasting wear. For under $5, you can pair this with a luminous face and a bold wing to start off your day with a classic statement.

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Great packaging will always seal the deal.

Found this cute Ariel inspired lashes by Ardell at Walgreens. I’ve never tried their lashes or lash glue before. Let me tell you, I love this glue! It has an iridescent color that changes colors when the glue begins to get tacky. I wasn’t even on the struggle bus trying to apply these lashes. I’m not sure if all Ardell lash glue is like this but I’m going to find out! This set was $7.99. Love the lashes, the glue, and definitely the packaging!

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Finally filmed a neutral look! Stay tuned for the tutorial!
This is what the J. Lo lipstick looks like if you were wondering.

Finally filmed a neutral look! Stay tuned for the tutorial!

This is what the J. Lo lipstick looks like if you were wondering.

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